Thursday, February 6, 2014

4 years

Time flies by so fast, I didn't realized that it had already been 4 years since i got together with the perfect lady for me. And in 16 days, i am going to marry that lady and make her my bride. If you asked me back in 2009, will i ever get married? My answer would be "No, i know that i will end up all alone, growing old alone with no special loved ones that cares for me." If you ask me now? I'd say, "Yes! and with the most perfect person out there for me. She's everything that i wanted in someone and more!" Beautiful, pretty, cute, hot, caring, kind, loving, funny, talented, clever, the list goes on and on if i were to say all the greatness that i see in her. It just makes me wonder what the heck she sees in lil 'ol me! hahaha I am grateful to have her by my side for the past 4 years and more to come. She gives me strength when i am weak, she gives me hope when i'm in despair. She gives me the courage to take life by the hand and make changes. She is the reason i am a better man than i was 4 years ago. I know i said the three words, thousands of times before. But it simply because just saying the words "I love you" to her is not enough to show how much i feel about her. I mean it everytime i said it. And more and more the feelings just grow, every second, every moment. Hani dear, i love you, and i will always do so ;) Happy 4th anniversary! I can't wait for our big day! 16 days left! Yours forever, Iskandar.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

3 years anniversary

3 years ago today, i confessed to a very special girl. A girl who, at first, i did not notice that i was chatting with her for everyday ever since i've got to know her, not until i realized that we could talk about just anything with each other. Actually i've wanted to confess on 14th feb 2010, but then i just simply could not wait any longer during that time, i have to make her mine. I still remember all the chats and conversations that we had on that day, still makes me smile so widely even on today. The fact that we share a lot of interest in common is just simply unbelievable. From Comics, anime, games, musics to movies and etc. Up til today, i am still amaze that i manage to get her as my partner in life. Someone, who in my eyes and heart, is perfect. Someone whose smile can melt my heart no matter how many times i see her pretty face. Someone who knows me very well and knows of my weaknesses yet still love me. Someone who makes me laugh, happy, and grateful that i am alive. Someone who doesn't mind me and my hobbies, heck she even shares them. Someone who teaches me and corrects me when i am wrong. Most importantly.. someone who loves me for me. I can not believe that it has already been 3 years. And Alhamdulillah, i am really happy with her by my side. Times feels as if it is fast and yet slow at the same time. We have been through a lot, and am lucky that we have not got into a fight before, and i am hoping it to be that way. Again, i am lucky to find someone who understands me. +Hani dear, meeting you and being with you is the best thing that happened to me. You're my source of inspiration and motivation to be better in life and to do more. You're the best! Happy 3rd anniversary dear. Thank you for being part of my life. and thank you for everything that you did. I pray and hope for the best, everyday for the both of us. I love you, now and forever. Yours, Iskandar Zend

Sunday, February 5, 2012

2 years anniversary 8D

2 years is quite a long time. but it's just the beginning of an eternity of happiness with my Hani dear. The past 2 years has been the greatest yet 8D I know we will have more and osm times ahead of us. It might not be easy, but knowing that i will go through all that with her makes it all worth while.

I have changed these past 2 years, for the better. I quit my obsession with shisha and as well as maids. 8P She is THAT osm. everything else is nothing 8D

She gave me a new look, or perspective in life. No longer i am that loner, emo and self pity person that i was 2 years ago. She was the first person to actually care about me as she restrict me from eating a lot at the party at her house. Never before someone even bother to look after me. Back then and there i knew she is not just anybody.

I still cant get over the fact that most of our fandoms are the exact same thing. Well, the ones that i dont share with her, i'll just feed her with her fandoms 8P Coz i just wanna see that smile on her face. =)

She is by far the sweetest, cutest, kindest, funniest, osmest, coolest girl i know. 8D None other is like her. The rest is not even close at all. ;)

I am trying my best to be the best for her. And i will make sure that i will work even harder to get her the life she deserves once we're married ;) Speaking of marriage, i love the fact that she talks about it on our very first date. Hahaha, very bold and in control, yes, that's what she is <3

Looking at her just makes me smile and thinks how lucky i am to have her. Yes, every single time i look at her, i will feel like that. Coz she is such a dream girl 8D maybe just a fiction of my imagination 8D but no, she is the real deal. Its fokken unbelivable. Sometimes i wonder what she sees in me ;P

I love the fact that we always think of the same thing all the time. Even without saying it out loud. hahaha that is why she is my perfect girl.

I love her in every single was that she is. I love that smile of hers, that laughter of hers, that beautiful eyes of hers, best of all, her personality is as beautiful as she is. I love the fact that she never bores me at all coz to be honest, any other person would have bored me already after 2 months hahaha

<3 Hani dear, I love you. Thank you for choosing this silly guy as your life partner ;) I hope i will never let you down in anything. I will do everything for u, even fight the whole freakin world if i have to 8D hahahaha But yea, hani dear you hot stuff, YOU ARE MINE!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Final week of being 25.

Time flies. I love my hunny bunny. The end. 8P

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A letter to my love..

To my dearest Hani,

Today marks a year of our relationship, and it is the happiest year i ever had, and i know there is more of it to be look forward to. I remember how we started off, as well as how we started to know each other. I added you in MSN and FB, then after a
while, then only i started to chat with u. It was that facebook application that was turned into our ice breaker, that brain dominance test. Hahaha it is because we share the same result, balanced brain.

I straight away poked you in msn and said that not that many girls have that result. We continued talking and talking, from Marvel comics to movies to games to anime to college stuff, and by the time we realised it, we talked about a lot of stuff
and share a lot of conversation. Til the point i didnt realised that i was talking to you everyday, bugging you everyday, even when i can only appear offline with my sucky net last time =P And you also layan me and my attitude. Not that many girls,
heck no other girls does that =)

It was after a couple of months after we started to get to know each other, i realised that i really, really, really like you. I didnt know that i was being obvious to you, i even went to join that game thingy, Tinier Me... So i can get to know you even more and to show that i am willing to do that much for you.

Then i finally asked you out, on a date, though i didnt really say it was a date at first, only after i got that hint from you that you wanna spend time with me rather than hang out with the gang on that outing that was going on on that day too, that was on the 9th January. Our first and only date before we went official, talked about a lot of stuff also. Any other guy would have bailed out the moment they heard you talking about marriage and all that, but not me, definately not me as i felt something sparks between us on that very day. I had so much
fun just talking to you!

Then i dragged you to rejoin IMVU so we can chat and interact in there. LOL, lots of things happened there, i didnt expect a girl like you to play along with me. Then there was 6th February, the day i confessed to you. I was actually waiting for
valentines day to confess. But the more time i spent with you the more my feelings for you grew. Up til a point where i just couldnt wait any longer. At first i tried to divert asking the real question, haha then you caught me in the act =P
In the end, GAR PEOPLE DONT WASTE TIME! and i asked you, my dearest and sweetest Hunny Bunny, "would you be my girlfriend?"

I honestly didnt think you would say yes, seeing that i am not as good looking, as rich, as bishie or whatever it is compared with other people. But you did say yes and in the sweetest and most genuine way you could answered it. The very next day, i
said I love you for the first time to you, well you beat me to it by saying it directly. I dont know but it just felt so right and so perfect.

And now, after 365 days later, and over 9000 i love you's, my love for you had only grew stronger =)

Hani dear, you make me feel like i want to be a better man, be the man that you deserve. Slowly, i will be that man. I will work hard for us, for our future..
I am sorry for all the wrong and stupid things that i did in this 1 year time.

Alhamdulillah that i met you, and that you are mine. I am really thankful to have you as my partner in life.

Alhamdulillah also that we never fight or had a major arguement at all, and i pray hard we never will have to, It is all thanks to your kind and lovely nature.

I love you Hani, now, forever and in the afterlife.

Your googlely bear,


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Re-defining love

in a couple of hours time, it will be 10 months since me and Hani got together. More and more i am falling deeper in love, being with her just re-defining the meaning of love ;)

Love ya dear!

Here's a song for our 10 months anniversary!

and another one just coz it aint enough!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Thesis madness

I'm all done with my assignments and finals, and hopefully i need not to resit any of it at all @_@ would suck if i have to, well lets just hope we wont come to that. Anyway, CF is next month aaaaaaand atm i am working on my thesis which is rather a pain in the ass coz the uni isnt really guiding much on it.

Oh well, gotta do what u gotta do.. trying to finish it up asap, before dec even but realistically, with the survey, questionaires and shit, i think it wont happen so soon @_@ tidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak...

Wish me luck =P